The broom now has it's own little social network island connected to the greater fediverse using mastodon as the vehicle. You can find it via this link: The Broom Mastodon.

Mastodon is free and open-source software developed by a non-profit organization Read more about Mastodon here.

The fediverse is an ensemble of social networks which can communicate with each other, while remaining independent platforms. You can read more here


The Broom's largest footprint is currently on discord. Click here for an invite link

Upon arriving you may get a DM for an intro form - We've designed that questionnaire as a simple means of introducing yourself to the group.


This section of our website contains both a safety form and disclaimer

This form is intended for those seeking to disclose violations of safety principles as listed here

You can submit this form anonymously or provide a username for follow-up

For full disclosure on this process, please see our disclaimer here

If you are ready to submit a safety violation please Click here to submit a safety form